Slow Cooker Venison Stroganoff

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Do you have a hunter in your family?  Do you struggle with coming up with delicious venison recipes?  If you answered “yes” to either of these questions, this recipe is for you!

It’s hunting season in northeastern Pennsylvania and that means two things.  First, it means that my fridge is full of Party Lunch Meat (which I detest!) that my husband packs in his hunting lunches.  And, secondly, it means that for at least one week,  my husband will sitting the woods from sun up to sun down in search of a trophy buck – so I may, or may not see him very much.  It also means that when get his deer, he comes home with a freezer full of venison.

I know that some of you have either never tried venison or don’t like it.  Personally, I don’t mind venison. I’ve been eating it (and a lot of other wild game meat) since I was a kid.  After all, I come from a long line of hunters.  For the most part, the venison recipes that I’ve had have been pretty good and I really couldn’t tell that it was venison or taste a “gamey” flavor.  In fact, our butcher makes a venison kielbasa that is amazingly delicious.  We always get a bunch of it made.

This Venison Stroganoff recipe is very good.  It has a great flavor and texture and doesn’t taste gamey at all.  We all liked it – especially my son.  But, if you don’t like venison (and you’re still reading this post – thank you!), you can always substitute beef.  It will word perfectly!

This venison recipe one of those easy crock pot recipes that you can throw together pretty quickly in the morning.  I like recipes like that.  No, I LOVE recipes like that.


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