The Best 4th of July Recipes

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 These 4th of July recipes are the perfect way to show your patriotic pride this summer. Find all of the best desserts, appetizers, meals and cocktails here. 

Collection of 4th of July recipes

The 4th of July is a great way to celebrate the summer with some patriotic pride. BBQs and 4th of July parties are popular.

Don’t come empty handed to the next 4th of July party! Below are some festive red, white and blue desserts and 4th of July food recipes that the kids will have fun making! They will be a hit at the next party!

4th of July No Bake Recipes

Too hot to turn on the oven this summer? No worries, these no bake recipes are refreshing and do not need any baking!

These patriotic desserts are perfect for Independence Day!

Collection of Patriotic No Bake Desserts

  • Patriotic Berry Trifle: This delicious trifle is layered with pound cake, fresh strawberries & blueberries, instant vanilla pudding, and whipped cream!
  • No Bake Brownie Trifle: This trifle can be made in three different ways! Red, white and blueberry, peanut butter cup or heavenly hash! Make one or all three! Yum!
  • Red, White, and Blue No-Bake Cheesecake: These cheesecakes are served in a mini mason jar! The bottom is covered in crushed graham cracker dyed blue, then layered with the cheesecake and topped with a cherry pie filling!
  • Red White and Blue Bark: The only baking is the melting of the white chocolate! Add some red & blue m&ms!
  • Easy Patriotic Bark: Perfect for a Fourth of July party! The only baking includes the melting of the chocolate! The bark is made with white and milk chocolate and topped with red, white & blue m&ms!
  • Coconut Berry Icebox Cake: This no bake recipe is made with cream, fresh strawberries and blueberries, and Trader Joe’s Cookie Thins or graham crackers! The cream is full of coconut cream and coconut rum!

Cold 4th of July Desserts

Nothing like a cold popsicle or dessert on a hot summer day! These 4th of July desserts are all served cold!

Check out these refreshing patriotic desserts below!

Collection of Cold 4th of July Desserts

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Red White and Blue Desserts

Nothing says 4th of July than themed patriotic desserts!

These red white and blue desserts are perfect for a 4th of July party! They are delicious and fun to make with the whole family!

Collection of Red White and Blue desserts

  • Patriotic Cookie Dippers: These are perfect dipping cookies filled with red, white & blue sprinkles! Dip them in frosting!
  • Firecracker Cake: This cake has red and white swirled in the inside! It also topped with white frosting with food coloring and sprinkles!
  • Fireworks Pudding Cookies: The cookies are baked with a brown sugar pudding and mixed with red, white & blue sprinkles and m&ms!
  • Berry Patriotic Poke Cake: This poke cake is made with white cake, a black cherry gelatin, and whipped frosting! It topped and served with fresh blueberries and raspberries!
  • Fourth of July Rice Krispies: Make some festive Rice Krispies treats with some red and blue food coloring!
  • Celebration Pretzel Sticks: Get creative! Take pretzel sticks and dip them in melted white chocolate and decorate them for the season!
  • Red White and Blue Brownie Pizza: This brownie crust is topped with a cream cheese frosting and fresh berries!

4th of July Food Recipes

A big part of the 4th of July is not only the desserts, but the food!

Here are a collection of dips, salad and burgers that are perfect! Enjoy these 4th of July food recipes!

Collection of 4th of July Food Recipes

  • All American Bacon Cheeseburger Dip: This dip is made with bacon, cheese, beef, and more! Perfect for an appetizer for that 4th of July BBQ!
  • Patriotic Burger: Have a festive burger as the main course! This beef burger is made with red tomatoes, purple potato slices, and white mozzarella cheese!
  • Easy Taco Salad Flag: This dip is delicious! Full of all your Mexican topping favorites! Made into an American flag!
  • Red White and Blue Mason Jar Salad: The salad is made with mixed greens, fresh strawberries & blueberries, feta cheese and poppyseed dressing! Served in a mason jar! Delicious!

4th of July Recipes for Drinks

A perfect addition to a hot summer day is a refreshing drink! These drink 4th of July recipes are great for both kids and adults!

There is a collection of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks that everyone at the party will love! Definitely red, white, and delicious!

Collection of 4th of July Recipes for Drinks

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