16 Easy Asparagus Recipes

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Exploring to find delicious and healthy side dishes for dinner or lunch? Try these 16 Easy Asparagus Recipes that are perfect for spring.  These how to cook asparagus on stove recipes will leaving you wanting more!

A collection of easy asparagus recipes

Asparagus wasn’t one of my favorite dishes growing up, but now it’s one of my family’s favorite. And to shake things up once in a while for dinner, I’ll Google unique and interesting, easy asparagus recipes to try at home.

While I enjoy the classic seasoning of salt and pepper, it can get tedious eating the same thing over and over. So, I always look forward on trying new sautéed asparagus recipes.  And the ones that I have found will not disappoint you.

Arranging from classic roasted asparagus recipe, that feature tasty vegetables and spices. To easy asparagus recipes, that put a nice kick towards taste with crispy bacon or sauces. To delicious main dishes, that you can’t wait to show friends.

Classic Roasted Asparagus Recipe

Asparagus isn’t the most popular vegetable, but it is definitely one of the tastiest. And trying one or all of these roasted asparagus recipe will have you buying stacks and stacks of asparagus.

These classic roasted asparagus recipe are easy to make and won’t take too much time to make, especially when a family member or friend is quote on quote starving.

A collection of easy asparagus recipes

Easy Asparagus Recipes with a Twist

Asparagus are flavorful all on their own with a little bit seasoning. But adding something different like bacon or a croissant, can make asparagus appeal to any green vegetable hater.

These easy asparagus recipes put a twist to the classic roasted asparagus recipe.

A collection of easy asparagus recipes

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How to Cook Asparagus on Stove as a Main Dish

Asparagus isn’t just a side dish. Oh no, it can be the main event!

With these mouthwatering how to cook asparagus on stove recipes, you won’t believe how many variations asparagus can be cooked and eaten. Each easy asparagus recipes are as appetizing as the previous one, and worth the extra minutes it takes to cook.

A collection of easy asparagus recipes

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