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Fall is my all time FAVORITE season!  We have several apple trees and this year, the Macintosh tree was loaded!  I love picking an apple right from the tree and biting into while it’s still a little warm from the sun.  Mmmmm!  And, my son loves to grab an apple off the tree when he gets home from school — it’s a perfect snack!

I also love  baking and cooking with apples.  Some of my favorites are Apple Bundles, Apple Cake and Apple-Cranberry Fruit Salad.  But nothing says fall like a pan full of warm apple crisp!  And, my mother found this great recipe that I wanted to share with you!

Is It a Keeper?

I really think thiApple Crisp  It's a Keeper 1s is the THE BEST apple crisp that I’ve ever had!  The apples are get nice and soft (without becoming mushy) and the crumb topping….oh, it’s so good!  I’m just look at that picture.  And, it smells AHH-MAZING while it’s baking.   All cinnamon-y and apple-y.  Oh yeah!

I used Macintosh apples and one ginormous Northern Spy apple (it was all that tree produced this year!).  But you can use whatever type of apples tickle your fancy.  Jona Golds would be good and so would Honey Crisps.  You can even mix it up and use several varieties.

I highly recommend taking a trip to your local apple orchard or farmer’s market and picking up a bushel of your favorite varieties.  Not only are you supporting local businesses and agriculture, but you’ll be sure to get great fruit that’s loaded with flavor (not water).

Then, when you get home, make a batch of this deliciousness.  You won’t be sorry.


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  1. ann b says

    sorry if the answer to this is right under my nose-but
    do you put the topping on top before you put in in the oven or after it’s done?

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