10 Crazy Fun Swimming Pool Toys

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Nothing screams poolside fun more than swimming pool toys that the whole family can enjoy. These amazing pool accessories will surely have your family playing in the pool all day long! You’ll want to kick off the summer with every single one of these fun pool toys.  

Collection of fun swimming pool toys

Keeping your family entertained during the summer can be difficult. If you have a pool, swimming back and forth can get a bit boring. But with some fun pool inflatables, you’ll surely keep the entire family entertained.

It’s the perfect way to enjoy the warm weather while cooling off in the pool with toys kids of all ages, and even adults can enjoy. I’ve compiled a list of the most fun, yet durable swimming pool toys that can be used for summers on end and is sure to make your pool a summertime hotspot.

Inflatable Swimming Pool Toys

These swimming toys are perfect when you’re either having lots of people over for a cookout or you want to keep all of your kids entertained for a couple of hours or more. They’re easy to assemble and a great deal of fun.

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Collection of fun pool inflatables

Inflatable Bull Rider

This one of many pool inflatables that’ll provide hours of splashing fun! Perfect for friendly competitions with family and friends.

Shootball Pool Toy

Every water sports fan’s dream come true! This pool inflatable has multi ports for multiple shooters and will keep your kids busy for hours!

Log Flume Joust Set

Time for a water duel! This is one of the many pool accessories that your kids will want to use again and again. 

Floating Hockey Game

You and your kids will have fun for hours with this unique hockey floating game!

Sea Saw Rocker

This is one of many swimming toys that combine both fun and relaxation. Hang on while you’re hanging out!

Floating Pong Set

Challenge your guests to a rowdy round of pong at your next pool party with this handy floating game set!

Other Fun Swimming Pool Accessories

Pool inflatables aren’t the only way to have a blast in the pool! Here is a list of fun and innovative swimming pool toys that are sure to both you and your kids occupied and entertained.

Collection of fun pool accessories

Flamingo Pool Float

The perfect pool inflatable that’ll have you relaxing with style. This flamingo pool float is soft, durable, and fun for both kids and adults!

Light Up Beach Ball

Here comes one of the most fun swimming toys that’ll light up the summer, literally! This light up beach ball features multi-colored LED lights, and is perfect for summer BBQs, pool parties, picnics, and much more!

Floating Hammock

The most comfortable way to float on water is with Pool accessories like this. Kick back and relax with this floating hammock!

Swim Through Rings

These rings have adjustable air chambers that allow you to change the underwater depth so you can swim through them at any time!

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