20 Gourmet Grilled Cheese Recipes

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We have put together a list of our favorite gourmet grilled cheese recipes, with a wide variety of flavors to help you find your perfect grilled cheese.  Everyone loves a classic grilled cheese with tomato soup, but there is so much room to experiment with this classic sandwich. 

a list of 20 of the greatest gourmet grilled cheese recipes

Grilled cheese is an after school lunch classic – hot melty cheese in between crispy buttery bread, perfect for dipping in tomato soup. Yum!

Lucky for us, this classic doesn’t have to stop when we’re done with grade school. Gourmet grilled cheeses are a great way to make an “adult” grilled cheese, and add more flavor and flare to the long time favorite.

This list includes our best gourmet grilled cheese recipes, including recipes for grilled cheese in oven, air fryer grilled cheese, and grilled ham and cheese. They are extremely versatile and can be tweaked to find something for everyone’s taste!

Best Gourmet Grilled Cheese

Gourmet grilled cheeses are essentially a glorified panini, but are sure to be a hit nonetheless. Here are some of our all time favorite takes on the fancy grilled cheese trend.

A collection of fancy grilled cheese recipes

Air Fryer Grilled Cheese

Using the air fryer is a very simple way to achieve a crunchy grilled cheese. It cooks your food in minutes and is a very low maintenance way to prepare a perfect grilled cheese!

a list of amazing air fryer grilled cheese recipes

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Grilled Cheese in Oven

Making a baked grilled cheese in the oven is as simple as it is delicious. The best part about it is that instead of making one or two at a time on a skillet, you can make enough for the whole family at once and let the oven do all of the work!

Here are some of our favorite oven-friendly gourmet grilled cheese recipes that are sure to be a hit.

how to make the best grilled cheese in oven

Grilled Ham and Cheese

Ham and cheese is another sandwich classic, but a grilled ham and cheese takes things to the next level. Here are some of our favorite variations of the grilled ham and cheese.

a great collection of grilled ham and cheese sandwich recipes

  • Grilled Ham and Cheese with Honey Mustard:  This recipe pairs perfectly with an easy to make homemade honey mustard dipping sauce.
  • Ham Egg and Grilled Cheese: Makes for a delicious breakfast sandwich, and is great when made in the waffle maker!
  • Gouda and Ham Grilled Cheese: This simple yet flavorful grilled cheese is sure to hit the spot.
  • Classic Monte Cristo Sandwich: This amazing sandwich is basically the lovechild of french toast and a grilled ham and cheese. Add some raspberry preserves, powdered sugar, and dijon and the flavor is out of this world!
  • Hawaiian Grilled Cheese: Pineapple and ham are a great combination on pizza, and the grilled cheese is no exception! Dip it into your favorite tomato soup for the full hawaiian pizza flavor.

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