Asian Salad

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A few weeks ago, I had a great lunch at the Glen Oak Country Club.  They served this amazing Asian Salad that was absolutely to die for!  Oh, and the little peanut butter bites weren’t too bad either!  During lunch, I found a scrap of paper in my purse and quickly jotted down the ingredients I could identify in the salad (and the peanut butter bites).

I had to find a way to recreate this dish!  I couldn’t stop talking about this salad all afternoon.  I was obsessed.  A friend of mine, Alicia, said she had a recipe that was pretty similar to Glen Oaks.  So here we go…taste-testing Alicia’s recipe.

Is it a Keeper?

This salad was so good!  I loved the crunch of the coleslaw mix and the sweet tang of the dressing.  The buttery noodles and almonds added another layer of flavor.  At first, my husband was skeptical.  But after one bite, he was hooked!

After making this recipe, there are a few things I would do differently next time:

  • This recipe makes a very large salad.  I cut the recipe in half and it was perfect for 4-6 servings.
  • If you’re going to store leftover salad or you want to assemble it ahead of time, make sure you keep the 3 components stored separately — the noodles, the coleslaw, and the dressing.  The salad and noodles will get soggy if stored together.
  • I think next time, I’m going to try cutting out some of the butter and switching some of the sugar for Splenda.
  • I would also try adding some blanched green beans and shredded red cabbage for color and texture.

All in all, this recipe is absolutely perfect as is!  I would highly recommend it!  It’s even great the next day — just remember to store the components separately!

I love Asian inspired food.  What are your favorite Asian inspired dishes?

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29 thoughts on “Asian Salad”

  1. sure its delicious…looks appetizing! thanks for sharing your recipe, love to give it a try! PinayMum – Mommy’s Life Around…wishing you a great weekend!

  2. I am not sure if what I ate before with ramen noodles is also called asian salad. But the photo looks good. Mine is up – My Food

  3. Oh wow. This has really gotten me in the mood for an Asian Salad. Visiting from Friday’s Favourites. Thanks for sharing this recipe.

  4. I love the mixture of crunchy and tangy this salad has!!

    This is PERFECT for my new linky party, Foodie Friday. Please stop on over and link up!

  5. Thanks for sharing this recipe-I tried it for dinner tonight because it looked so good! I really liked it, although I agree with you on cutting back on the butter and sugar. Also, I goofed and dumped the noodle mixture right into the salad, so they will not be crunchy tomorrow 🙁 At least I remembered to keep the dressing mixture seperate! Yummy salad!

  6. I remember vividly the first time that I had this 🙂
    It was at a summer friends and family weekend.

    I think this salad disappeared faster than just about anything else.

  7. This is a great Salad that we would really enjoy. It must be “A Keeper”.
    Thank you for sharing and have a great day!

  8. Looks crunchy and yummy! I would suggest a drop or two of sesame oil for that toasted nutty aroma! Rice vinegar would work well instead of the acv too! I’m chinese so I cook a lot using these condiments (: Great salad! (:

  9. Christina,
    This Asian Salad is very much like the one that I make.

    My recipe: Oriental Chicken Salad

    1 whole chicken breast, cooked & cubed (I use leftover rotissiree chicken from a previous meal when I can!)
    2 packages shredded cabbage or 1/2 head cabbage shredded
    2 Tablespoons sesame seeds toasted
    1/2 cup sliced almonds, toasted
    1 package chicken flavored Raman noodles crushed

    Combine salad ingredients in a large bowl.

    1/2 cup salad oil
    3 Tablespoons vinegar
    2 Tablespoons sugar
    1/2 Teaspoon salt
    Seasoning packet from noodle mix

    Mix all ingredients in a shaker or whisk together and pour over salad. Toss and chill. Noodles will soften overnight but salad can be served earlier and will be crunchy. I use some red shredded cabbage as well as some shredded carrots to add some color. Really, you can add just about anything….chopped bell pepper, green onions, etc. Also, I have made this, leaving out the chicken which makes a nice side dish with an entree or to take to a picnic.


  10. I love all things Asian… right now I am obsessed with my Asian Chicken Salad…the recipe is on my blog…. I’m trying to imitate the one from Panera…. Your cabbage salad looks great…..


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