The Best LEGO Storage Ideas

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Here are the Best LEGO Storage Ideas for people who are sick of stepping on Legos all over the floor. The pain is real! A Lego piece can feel like a nail. Plus kids will love them because they are super cool, a favorite toy of many. I would like to meet the genius who created the Lego collection. Many a mama has been given a break after purchasing these for the playroom. It helps to have storage bins, and a Lego organizer. Or even buckets ae the perfect solution to clean up the Legos and the accessories that go with these purchases. Lego’s are the perfect toys because they don’t require fancy labels, instructions, or even instruction manuals. Many a busy mom has been given a break by one of these Lego sets, and a play mat. Both older and younger children will find them enjoyable, and don’t even get me started on those cute Lego minifigures. It is a popular item for people to add to their amazon cart. The company has many creative Lego storage system, and Lego storage solutions to keep your shelves tidy. A fun hack is to use storage drawers or clear plastic bins with lids. There are so many fun Lego organization ideas on the internet to help you deal with all the clutter. Even a cute book case can be a Lego storage system that will keep your play area tidy.

A collection of 15 amazing lego storage ideas.

LEGO storage ideas are a great way to keep the mess contained and also allows your kids to find that integral piece they are always missing.

Lego Table with Storage

The Lego table with storage is sure to make for  creative play time. What is more convenient than having all of your Lego’s in the space that you’re playing? Nothing. 

A collection of 4 LEGO storage tables.

Activity Table: this table provides the perfect space for playtime with its convenient storage.

Construction Table: this construction table hides when it’s not playtime with its double sided playboard.

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Playmat and Storage: go from playtime to cleanup with the pull of one string with this fun playmat.

Lego Table: with such a big space there’s so much creativity that can be added to playtime.

Activity Table with Board: convenient storage with a classic look.

Lego Storage Box

A Lego storage box is perfect for an easy cleanup.  Especially with a polished or fun look. This list has the perfect box for any creative Lego lover!

4 pictures of different options for great LEGO storage boxes.

Hardware Cabinet: this cabinet is perfect for the organized Lego lover with its multiple sized drawers and compartments.

Brick Case: this is also perfect for when you’re on the go but still want your builder to be creative.

Brick Nation Storage Container: with so many compartments you can organize your Lego by size, color and even shape. Again, you will never lose track.

Lego Box: what better way to say you love Legos than this box?

Lego Draw: with its classic look it’s the perfect place to put all of your Legos.

Lego Storage Ideas

Creative Lego storage ideas are sure to be perfect for playtime and might even make cleanup a little easier! Be sure to check out all of these creative storage. Of Course, they can’t pick themselves up but these clever solutions may help make it more fun.

4 Lego storage ideas that aren't boxes or tables.

Lego  Cubes: these moldable cubes are perfect for tight and unique spaces and can fit a ton of Legos!

Lego Head: gather all your regular Lego bricks in this large size iconic storage bin and make it a more playful way of tidying up

Slide Away Play Basket: this basket is uniquely perfect for big time Lego lovers!

Mesh Bag: find all your Legos easily with these multi sized mesh bags.

Lego Backpack: this backpack is sure to fit all your Legos!

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