15+ Small Batch Desserts for Two

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These small batch desserts for two are perfect for those special nights with that special someone or if you want something sweet or to comfort yourself.   You don’t need to make a big dessert to impress. Remember Valentines Day is coming up! Nothing like a fun Facebook post of your romantic dinner and those yummy valentine’s day desserts fresh from the oven

Collection of small batch desserts for two

Whether you’re just finishing up dining with your significant other (a new or old one), a family member or simply you want to post a photo to your fun group on Instagram blow them away one last time with a delicious hard-to-forget dessert. Who needs crowded restaurants when you can make your own dessert at home.

If so, you’re in luck! I’ve gathered some of mine and my husband’s favorite dessert for two recipes that are quick and easy to make yet mouthwatering and flavorful! Below, you can find a variety of dessert recipes that have been scaled down for two that include, but are not limited to, fruit desserts, cakes for two and even pudding for two.

Small Batch Cookies & Quick Snacks

Check out some of these small batch cookies and quick snacks. These are my favorite out of the list since I can make normally big batches of things into smaller ones that are fresh and gone quickly!

These recipes surely diminish the fridge and/or counter clutter!

Collection of small batch desserts for two cookies
  • Small Batch Chocolate Chip Cookies – A classic recipe on a small scale.
  • White Chocolate Cranberry Cookies – This is such an easy to make recipe that produces such beautifully and well-crafted cookies, you both will be blown away!
  • Homemade Fig Newton Recipes – To some, it’s a bit odd to think of Fig Newtons as dessert, but these homemade Fig Newtons are SO delicious that you’d want them as such!
  • Lofthouse Cookies – While Lofthouse cookies may be a classic to many, these are truly memorable and, while great as is, can be entirely customizable!

Fruit Desserts for Two

If the two of you are looking to hit that fruity dessert desire, check out these recipes for small batch fruit desserts for two!

These fruit desserts aren’t too overwhelming with the fruit flavor and manage to be the perfect measurements for two people. You guys might definitely want more and have to double up on the portions, though!

Collection of small batch desserts for two fruit

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Cakes for Two

The hardest recipes to find for me are cakes for two, so I thought I should make it easier for you!

Sit back and scroll through some of my favorite just-right sized small batch cakes. These are perfect for small birthday parties, anniversary celebrations or just because!

Collection of small batch desserts for two cakes

Puddings for Two

It might be a bit odd to think of pudding as an impressive dessert, but once done right, it sure can make its mark and leave you wanting more!

Below, I have found the best pudding dessert recipes for two that are sure to do just this and more! These are some of the quickest dessert recipes that really make you wonder if they’re puddings or not…!

Collection of small batch desserts for two puddings
  • Caramel Bread Pudding – This caramel bread pudding really finishes off the night quite beautifully with its light but sweet taste.
  • Caramel Chocolate Chip Bread Pudding – My favorite recipe for two since it incorporates both chocolate chip and caramel!
  • Bread Pudding Mugs – The convenience of this recipe is astounding! It can be made right in the mugs you’ll be serving them in!
  • Lemon Pudding Cakes – These lemon pudding cakes really pack in the punch of lemons and are delicious to fresh up your pallet after dinner!

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