Burgers with Caramelized Onions

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Don’t tell my husband, but I’m having a love affair.  I’m obsessed.  I just can’t seem to get enough…..of onions!  Yes.  Onions.  It’s nothing that sordid, but oh, so wonderful, nonetheless!

I seriously, can’t seem to get enough.  I like them roasted, sauteed, grilled, raw.  Basically, any way imaginable.  So, it only makes sense that when I watched The Pioneer Woman a few weeks ago on Food Network, my mouth started watering when she made her sliders with caramelized onions!  I mean, c’mon!  A big pan full of golden-brown strands, glistening from the butter…all tender and silky.  I can almost taste them!  There was only one thing left to do…slap a pan on the stove and melt some butter…honey, we’re gonna caramelize some onions!

Is It a Keeper?

Seriously, just look at that burger above.  A picture is worth a 1,000 words.  It’s THAT good!  And so simple – just a burger, some cheese, the on-yons, and a bun. That’s it.  No need to mask the flavor with sauces and condiments.

It’s so simple but sooo good!  The key to perfectly caramelized onions is low and slow, baby.  Resist the temptation to speed things up by turning up the heat.  Take your hand off the burner knob and slowly step away from the stove.  You can do it.  Trust me.  I promise it’s worth the wait.

Another tip is to use a stainless steel pan.  Non-stick pans just won’t cut it.  You want to get that nice, golden-brown color — it’s just not the same in a non-stick pan.

I highly recommend that, while there are still some nice days left this summer, you fire up the grill and slap some onions on the stove.  These burgers are deeee-vine!

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4 thoughts on “Burgers with Caramelized Onions”

  1. I LOVE sautéd onions. Sometimes when I’m home alone for lunch I just slice up an onion and fry it up! I also do the same thing with mushrooms. If you want to try something really great, replace the white sugar for golden or brown sugar *drool*

  2. I was drooling when I saw that on The Pioneer Woman too! I’d eat caramelized/sauteed/grilled onions on almost eveything if I could. Love love love!


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