Best Frozen Drinks and Cocktails

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The best way to beat the heat this summer is with frozen drinks! Keep cool with one of my favorite frozen cocktail recipes.

Collection of frozen drinks and cocktails

Don’t sweat the heat this summer empty handed, cool down with a delicious frozen drink! The easiest way to kick back and relax is with your favorite frozen alcoholic drink.

This collection of frozen cocktails includes classic frozen cocktails, frozen margarita recipes, creative frozen drinks and even skinny frozen cocktails! Find frozen cocktails that everyone will love below.

Traditional Frozen Drinks

There is nothing wrong with a traditional frozen cocktail. If you are more of a traditional person, you will find your favorite frozen alcoholic drink here!

Collection of frozen drinks and cocktails

  • Strawberry Daiquiri: Strawberries are refreshing on their own, but they’re even better when they’re mixed with coconut rum and Triple Sec!
  • 3-Ingredient Pina Colada: Everyone loves a Pina Colada on a hot summer day! What makes this one even better is that you only need three ingredients.
  • Frozen Mojito: Take a break from the fruit and enjoy a refreshing mint and white rum frozen mojito!
  • Best Ever Frozen Margarita: It wouldn’t be summer without a classic frozen margarita. Jose Cuervo Gold Tequila and Triple Sec are the perfect mix to make this perfect frozen drink!
  • Frozen Peach Bellini: A cold bellini on a hot day already sounds great, but making it frozen sounds even better! This icy peach drink will make the sunny days even brighter.

Fun Frozen Margarita

Nothing says summertime like a fresh frozen margarita! You will find the perfect frozen margarita recipe from one of the links below.

Collection of frozen margarita

  • Blackberry Lime Margaritas: The perfect tart margarita to cool off with! A mix of blackberry juice, 100% agave blanco tequila, lime juice and Grand Mariner make up this perfect frozen margarita.
  • Frozen Watermelon Margarita: Everyone loves watermelon in the summer. Mix that with tequila and you have the most refreshing frozen drink!
  • Mango Pineapple Frozen Margarita: One of my favorite combinations is anything mango pineapple. Mix the two fruits with tequila and top it off with fresh mango and pineapple for the perfect touch!
  • Frozen Chocolate Margarita: If you aren’t much of a fruit person or just enjoy drinking your dessert, this margarita is perfect for you! Who knew chocolate ice cream and tequila would make such an amazing frozen cocktail?

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Creative Frozen Cocktails

If you want to broaden your frozen cocktail horizons, you should try one of these recipes below!

Collection of frozen drinks and cocktails

  • Boozy Frozen Peach Lemonade: Peach lemonade with a twist! Blend your peach lemonade with vodka to make it extra sweet this summer.
  • Cucumber Melon Cocktail Slushie: This is a super refreshing frozen drink for the summer. Cucumber, melon and Absolut Vodka will be the combination you will want on a hot day!
  • Triple Berry Red Wine Slushies: More of a wine person? No worries, you don’t have to miss out on the frozen drinks this summer! Mixed frozen fruit, gingerale and your favorite red wine blended together will make you consider not going back to just regular wine!
  • Bourbon Peach Slushie: This is the adult version of the slushie you loved drinking in the summer as a child. Frozen peaches, ginger beer, and bourbon will help refresh you in the sun.
  • Frozen Bananas Foster Cocktail: Have a frozen drink for dessert! A mix of caramel bourbon, vanilla liquor and vanilla ice cream will make it taste just like you are eating a bananas foster dessert.

Skinny Frozen Cocktails

Watching your weight this summer doesn’t mean you need to stay away from frozen drinks! From skinny frozen margaritas to alcoholic smoothies, you will find something that you can enjoy without ruining your diet!

Collection of frozen drinks and cocktails

  • Skinny Peach Frozen Margarita: A sweet peach frozen margarita without all the sugar? Sounds like a good mix to me!
  • The Best Skinny Margarita Recipe: If you enjoy more of a traditional margarita, then this is the one for you! Add stevia to make this tequila and lime combination sweeter without the extra calories.
  • Skinny Bailey’s Banana Smoothie: Add a little extra kick to your summer smoothie! Just add Bailey’s, almond milk and a banana to create a fun frozen cocktail.
  • Easy 2-Ingredient Skinny Slush: Not interested in drinking any alcohol? No worries! Here’s a simple 2-ingredient slushie that would be just as refreshing. All you need is frozen strawberries and pink lemonade!

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