Sinfully Outrageous Homemade Brownies

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What do you get when you mix nearly 2 pounds of chocolate with some eggs, butter, sugar, flour, baking powder and vanilla?  One batch of sinfully outrageous homemade brownies!  And, yes, you read it right…TWO POUNDS OF CHOCOLATE!

Sinfully Outrageous Homemade Brownies from It's a KeeperThese brownies are by no means, healthy, low-fat, non-fat, carb free or gluten-free.

But how can something that starts with almost 2 pounds of chocolate be that bad?!?  Don’t answer that.

These homemade brownies are full-blown, fat laden, sugar loaded, chocolate overloaded, uber rich and sinfully delicious squares of pure chocolate joy.

They will curl your toes and make you swoon.  And, you will dream about them.

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If you think about it, though, these brownies are probably not as bad for you as you might first think.  You are, after all, making a very large batch.  And, they are so incredibly rich, that it is physically impossible to eat these brownies in large quantities. Believe me.  I’ve tried.

I’ll admit, the recipe has several steps. And, you may be shocked by the ingredients.   And, it does involve a double boiler (trust me, though, it’s not hard).  But, this is not your average brownie-from-a-box recipe.

This is something that you will be remembered by.   A recipe that your family and friends will ask you to make again and again.  It’s definitely a keeper and worth the time (and calories!) to make.  You won’t be sorry you did!

I can honestly say (from personal experience) that if you are having a stressful day, these brownies WILL make you feel better.

So, again, I ask, how can that be bad for you?!?

Stress = Bad.

Sinfully Outrageous Homemade Brownies = Good.

The End.

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