Best Cinco de Mayo Food

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May 5 is not complete without authentic Cinco de Mayo food!  These easy Mexican recipes that are perfect for your celebration. From dinners to desserts and drinks – you need to give these a try.

Collection of Cinco de Mayo Food

Cinco De Mayo is the perfect holiday to eat as much as you want. With all the best foods, drinks and desserts, you will have the time of your life! These recipes are filled with delicious flavors that will you have begging for more!

Cinco De Mayo Food with Chicken

Chicken is such a versatile food.  If you want to make Cinco de Mayo food with chicken these easy but delicious recipes that will blow you away with such good flavor.

Collection of Cinco de Mayo menu ideas

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  1. Slow Cooker Mexican Fiesta Chicken: Such an easy slow cooker recipe that you will love!
  2. Chicken Burrito Bowls: A quick delicious meal to make your stomach happy!
  3. Chicken Enfrijoladas: A classic Mexican dish that you will need to have!
  4. Buffalo Chicken Empanadas: Perfect for a quick dinner or to impress your guests!
  5. Slow Cooker Chicken Tacos: Just what you need to celebrate the day!
  6. Baked Chicken Fajitas: Easy and healthy recipe for you to enjoy!
  7. King Ranch Chicken Casserole: A delicious comfort food!
  8. Mexican Chicken Bake: You won’t be able to have enough!
  9. Chicken Tostada: So easy to put together, you won’t believe your eyes!
  10. Chicken Enchilada: You’ll be addicted after one bite!
  11. Slow Cooker Ranch Chicken Tacos: Ranch does make everything better!
  12. Mexican Chicken Skewers: This will make a great addition to any party!
  13. Skinny Chicken Enchilada Dip: What a great way to include all flavors for one great recipe!
  14. Mexican Spiced Chicken: What’s better to celebrate Cinco De Mayo than with a simple recipe everyone will love!
  15. Chicken Tortilla Casserole: Tons of flavors in all those fun-filled layers!

Seafood Cinco de Mayo Menu

Mix up your Cinco De Mayo menu with these fun and easy seafood recipes! They are also perfect for the upcoming summer season. Fresh and delicious!

Collection of Cinco de Mayo recipes

  1. Orange Lime Fish Tacos: Such a healthy recipe you won’t feel any regret!
  2. Shrimp Tacos with Boom Boom Sauce: Shrimp tacos are a staple for Cinco De Mayo!
  3. Fish Tacos with Spicy Mango Salsa: Mango salsa can make anything taste 10x better!
  4. Shrimp Fajita Quesadillas: Make your quesadilla extra tasty by adding some delicious shrimp!
  5. Fish Taco Enchiladas: A simple but tasteful recipe that you need to try!
  6. Grilled Shrimp Corn Tacos: A perfect sweet and salty combination!
  7. Cod Fish Tacos: So fresh and delicious!
  8. Salmon Fajitas: A combination of fish tacos and fajitas that you will surely enjoy!
  9. Fish Nachos: Not your typical nachos!
  10. Mexican Shrimp Cocktail: A perfect low carb appetizer with great taste!
  11. Shrimp Guacamole Bites: try this fun festive appetizer, great for any occasions!
  12. Blackened Fish Taco w/ Southwest Slaw: Get ready to chow down!

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More Cinco de Mayo Recipes

Still looking for more?  You’ll find even more Cinco de Mayo recipes here.  I’ve included everything from breakfast to casseroles.

Collection of Cinco de Mayo Food

  1. Simple Mexican Skillet: A simple one-pot dinner that incorporates so much flavor!
  2. One Pot Taco Skillet: Make this a new family favorite!
  3. Homemade Taco Seasoning: Add this on top of anything to get a nice flavorful kick!
  4. Slow Cooker Pulled Pork Tacos: You won’t regret making this fantastic meal!
  5. Breakfast Burritos: Eat this for a hearty meal!
  6. Huevos Rancheros: Add this to your new breakfast recipe!
  7. Hominy Nacho Casserole: This will be a new recipe that you will need to add to your list!
  8. Hatch Chile Salsa Verde: Add a kick to your meal with this!
  9. Mexican Casserole: Super quick and kid-friendly!
  10. Bento Cinco de Mayo Lunch: Cute lunch ideas for friends and family!

Cinco De Mayo Food – Sides

These sides are perfect to add to your Cinco De Mayo menu! So many flavorful options to choose from, you’ll want to have them all!

Collection of Cinco de Mayo Food

  1. Mexican Corn Cake: A sweet side for any meal!
  2. Mexican Street Corn Salad: Serve it hot or cold, you decide!
  3. Easy Queso Dip: So creamy and flavorful!
  4. Restaurant Style Black Beans: Filled with nutrients and a great taste!
  5. Microwave Tortilla Chips: An easy way to make homemade chips!
  6. Homemade Refried Beans: These are my favorite Mexican side dish!
  7. Cheesy Mexican Rice Bites: A great appetizer for a big crowd or party!
  8. Cinco De Mayo Dippers: A smart and delicious way to enjoy all your favorite dips in one!

Cinco de Mayo Drinks

What is Cinco De Mayo without drinks?! These are the perfect Cinco De Mayo drinks anyone could ask for. With all these delicious options, you’ll surely have more than one favorite!

Collection of Cinco de Mayo drinks

  1. Classic Margaritas: This classic drink won’t let you down!
  2. Strawberry Margaritas: Add a splash of summer into your drink!
  3. Mexican Sunset Cocktail: So beautiful and tasteful!
  4. Frozen Peach Margarita: Drink this for a taste of summer in your mouth!
  5. Pineapple Chile Margarita: A refreshing drink for your festivities!
  6. Strawberry Lemonade Margarita: A definite crowd pleaser!
  7. Mango Margarita: A classic party favorite!
  8. Frozen Watermelon Margarita: Just what you need to celebrate Cinco De Mayo!
  9. Prosecco Margarita: Everyone needs a killer margarita recipe… and this is it!
  10. Blackberry Lemonade Margarita: This drink will bring out the best vibes!
  11. Pink Lemonade Margarita: Nothing like a crisp, cold margarita to end your day!
  12. Frozen Watermelon Raspberry Margarita: A special flavor that you won’t be able to forget!

Cinco de Mayo Desserts

What is the best part of any holiday or celebration? The DESSERTS! These Cinco De Mayo desserts will have you jumping up and down. These desserts are filled with that scrumptious Mexican flavor, you won’t believe it.

Collection of Cinco de Mayo desserts

  1. Fried Ice Cream: Every kid’s dream!
  2. Churro Donuts with Dulce de Leche: This is one of my favorite Mexican desserts!
  3. Pound Cake Churros: You can’t go wrong with cinnamon treats!
  4. Churro Cupcakes: Little bites of joy!
  5. Margarita Cupcakes: Enjoy this fun-filled dessert!
  6. Margarita Fruit Dip: Dip fruit or anything into this yummy dip!
  7. Mexican Coconut Candies: A simple 3 ingredient dessert!
  8. Fruit Kabobs: An easy treat for a festive party!
  9. Churro Funnel Cake: Who doesn’t love a classic churro dessert?
  10. Tres Leches Cake: The best authentic tres leches recipe!
  11. Flan: A classic Mexican dessert!
  12. Dulce De Leche Cupcakes: Enjoy this soft caramel cake with a touch of heaven!
  13. Homemade Churros: Nothing better than this Mexican classic!
  14. Cheesecake Taquitos: A delicious dessert rolled in perfection!
  15. Instant Pot Churro Bites. A new way to make this classic treat.

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