Pizza Roll Ups

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Another Friday is right around the corner…WOOHOO!  One thing I love about Fridays is that I get a night off from cooking.  That’s right…it’s pizza night!  It’s fast and easy and lets us get a head start on our weekend.  While there’s nothing like a piping hot pizza from your favorite pizzeria, sometimes, we like to make our own.  These Pizza Roll Ups are easy and fun to make.

This is one of those recipes that calls my (7 year old) sous chef to the kitchen.  My son loves to help me cook and I love to spend time with him and teach him some valuable life skills.  Someday, his wife will thank me.  I hope.

Because I usually make these on Fridays, I take the easy route and use the refrigerated pizza crust in the blue can, but you can easily use homemade pizza crust if you prefer.  My son loves to help roll out the dough and spread the sauce and toppings.

I love these Pizza Roll Ups because they’re fun and easily customized to suit your family’s tastes.  You can mix up the cheeses or swap the pepperoni for sausage.  You can add toppings like green peppers, onions, olives or all of the above.  Sometimes, I even make White Pizza Twirls and swap the Fontina cheese for American cheese, add some dried Rosemary and onions and skip the sauce.  Can you see why I love these things?

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