Easy Grilled Pizza

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These Grilled Pizzas are a quick and easy meal, perfect for any time of the year!

Every few weeks, we have a pizza party with our friends.  It’s a great way for the kids to have some playtime while the adults are able to catch up.

Ellio’s Pizzas are a quick and easy meal, perfect for any time of the year! But since the weather is getting warmer, I just can’t fathom heating up my kitchen by using the oven.  I also can’t fathom giving up Ellio’s for the summer, so I’ve found a great way to beat the heat and still eat Ellio’s Pizza!

I took the pizza party outside and grilled ’em!  They were delicious!

Everyone was able to add their own toppings (similar to what I did here) and then I put them on a pre-heated grill for about 10-15 minutes.

The crust was thin and crispy and the cheese was melty and gooey.  But I think my favorite part was that grilled, slightly charred flavor you get when food is grilled.  Everyone absolutely loved it!  

Grilling Ellio’s Pizza is perfect for summer get-togethers.  They’re easy to make so you get to spend the time enjoying your guests instead of cooking.  

You can even take them on the road.  I’m planning to pack them for some of our summer excursions.  I love that I won’t need a cooler full of extra supplies and condiments.

Ellio’s has been around for many years and has a consistent taste and an affordable price.  It’s a quick and easy meal solution for busy nights. 

I love that all Ellio’s products are made with real ingredients – like 100% real cheese and no artificial flavors.  I can feel good about serving it to my family and my friends.

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