Party Cheese Bread

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This Pull Apart Party Cheese Bread is crazy good! It is always the hit of the party!

Party Cheese BreadFor my son’s birthday, we usually end up having two parties — one for his friends and one for the family.  I just can’t rationalize dragging my 90-year old grandparents to  a bowling alley with a gaggle of 5 year olds!  I’ve started dubbing the family party, the “after-party”!  I usually keep it pretty simple — pizza, a few appetizers and cake (of course).

For this year’s after-party, I was determined to choose a recipe from “the pile” and try something new.  As soon as I came across this recipe for Party Cheese Bread, I knew I had found a winner! I had ripped it out from a past issue of Simple and Delicious magazine.

I don’t even know how to start describing how FANTASTIC this is!  I love the combination of flavors!  The celery salt (well, I used celery seed, since I didn’t have the salt), the lemon juice, the dijon.  It all soaks into the soft bread dough and the melts into the ooey gooey cheese.

This appetizer was really easy to make too!  I mixed up the sauce and sliced the cheese ahead of time.  Then, right before everyone arrived, I sliced the bread and assembled everything.  Then it baked to perfection!

The only problem was, it got gobbled up in no time!  You couldn’t just eat one piece!

I will be making this all the time!  I’m sure my family will NOT mind at all!



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  1. As I read the string of comments, I count 56 that say sounds or looks good, ONE PERSON who actually MADE it. I am sure such compliments make everyone feel good, but I read comments because too often great looking, great sounding recipes don’t turn out well. I can’t afford to waste money on duds, and I’m not good enough at cooking to fix a bad recipe. C’mon all you great cooks who love posting, return after you make these recipes and let us hear how they work!

    • Thanks for your comment. I want to let you know that I personally try all of the recipes that I post on my site. If I feel there are things that need to be fixed, I usually note it in the blog post.

  2. I did try it & it was well received. Next time I will freeze the bread before I cut it & will use less Lemon Juice (probably because it was sourdough?) It was gone in just a few minutes. It turned out nice & crusty but the bread stayed nice & soft. It is a “keeper.”

  3. That looks so sinful and delectable…

    Thanks for sharing at Creative Juice. Hope to see you back again this week.

  4. so is making my mouth water…and i just finished lunch! thank you for sharing with tuesday night supper club.

  5. My husband would absolutely love this! Thanks for sharing such a fabulous and simple recipe with the Hearth and Soul Hop.

  6. The bread looks delicious. I also have a ‘stack’ that I need to delve into, what a perfect excuse – Happy Birthday to you son!

  7. OK – I saw this floating around the blogoshpere this week and I desperately wanted to reel you into linking it… I’m so happy you did!! 🙂

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