Mouthwatering Bacon Recipes

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Here are 25 bacon recipes that are sure to have your mouth watering! Can you hear the crackling from the kitchen or the smell of spices filling the air? Well it’s bacon, and its probably one of the best things ever! Bacon brings out the best of any meal it is paired with: bacon and eggs, salad with bacon bits, bacon wrapped meatloaf….it amazing!

Collection of mouth watering Bacon recipes

Bacon is a family favorite and there is no question to why it is. It’s delicious, smells amazing, and it’s the easiest thing to cook…. believe me. I couldn’t cook anything before but I could always end up with the crispiest, not burnt, slice of bacon.

Bae-con is how we should pronounce bacon. It’s an amazing and delicious food that we have been so lucky to eat and enjoy. I can’t think of a food that I love to pair with my favorite meals; bacon goes perfectly with chicken, pasta, potatoes, and even with soup…bacon soup!

Here are 18 exciting and tasty recipes that include bacon such as bacon wrapped jalapenos poppers, bacon pasta, bacon wrapped stuffed chicken breast, and many more! You’ll being driving like a manic to get to the store to buy a pack of bacon for all these incredible recipes.

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Chicken and Bacon Pasta Recipes

I cannot think of a better duo than chicken and bacon. The juicy and softness of the chicken with the crunchiness of the bacon makes these two ingredients work so well. My mouth is watering just typing this!

There were so many choices to include in this section of recipes and it was hard to narrow them but here are five amazing recipes such as bacon wrapped stuffed chicken breast or bacon chicken casserole. You will love these!

Collection of chicken and bacon pasta recipes

More Bacon Dinner Recipes

Now if you aren’t in the mood for chicken, which does occasionally happen to me too, here are four more incredible recipes. Bacon dinner recipes that will blow you away and have you questioning, “why haven’t I ever thought of this?”

From bacon wrapped meatloaf to bacon bourbon glazed steaks, they are truly worth cooking and eating every bite on your plate!

Collection of bacon dinner recipes including bacon wrapped meatloaf

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Bacon Pasta

Honestly, I have been craving for pasta the past couple of weeks. At least twice a week, I want pasta and I end up either making it or ordering it.

So, to help those random cravings, I found five wonderful bacon pasta recipes that will subdue my pasta cravings with the best ingredient, BACON.

Collection of bacon dinner recipes

Appetizers and Sweets

Before dinner or for a party, the best appetizers are those wrapped with bacon. Making the chewiest appetizers,  crunchy and filled with even more delicious flavors, appetizers bacon dinner recipes are to die for.

With a wonderful selection that should stop guest from feeling empty or starving before a nice meal or just something to munch on during an important game or the premier of a TV show.

Collection of bacon appetizer and sweet recipes

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