Easy Breakfast Casserole

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Let me tell you a little story about how I came about this recipe for Easy Breakfast Casserole.  Did you ever have one of those afternoons where you look at your watch, realize it’s 4:00 PM and you haven’t given a single thought about dinner?  Yeah, well, that was me the other night.  Usually, I’m very good with meal planning.  But not that night.  For some reason, I had nothing planned.  Nada.  Zip.  Zero. Zilch.

Biscuit Breakfast Casserole 1 It's Keeper

To make things worse, I barely had anything in my pantry.   And, the only meat I had was bacon.  Apparently, I was in dire need of a visit to my grocery store.  How does this happen to a food blogger?  Grocery shopping is in my job description.

Since I had bacon, I could have made my One Pot BLT Pasta (which is to die for, FYI).  But, I was missing a few key ingredients — like the pasta.  I still can’t figure out how I ended up with no pasta in my pantry.

I thought to myself, “BFD”.  No, not that!  This is a family-friendly blog, after all.  BFD – Breakfast for dinner.  Duh! I scoured my Pinterest Boards looking for inspiration and came across this little gem from Angela is Here.  Somehow, I managed to have all of the ingredients on hand.

This breakfast casserole was definitely a keeper!  It took no time at all to assemble and about 25 minutes to bake.   Easy and fast.  Just what I needed.  And, it was quite tasty.  I did play around with the original recipe a bit to suit my family’s needs – it’s very adaptable.  You can pretty much tweak it to suit your needs.

Thanks, Angela, for helping me out of a dinner-time pinch!  I highly recommend making this Easy Breakfast Casserole – either for breakfast OR dinner!

Leave a comment and let me know if dinner ever sneaks up on you and your favorite go-to fix.

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