Cooking Tools to Make a Thanksgiving Meal

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Do you have everything you need to prepare the ultimate Thanksgiving meal? Make sure to check out this curated list of Cooking Tools to Make a Thanksgiving Meal to lessen your stress!

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Preparing a Thanksgiving meal can be extremely stressful, but it does not have to be. It is a time to enjoy the family and be grateful. Do not let the hardships of cooking get in the way. Get ahead on purchasing the essentials for a stress-free holiday!

It Is A Keeper is dedicated to providing recipes and gadgets in order to make cooking easy and fun. Be sure to try my Thanksgiving dinner recipes and do not forget to check out these Must Have Items to Make Thanksgiving Dinner. You will be thankful!

Must Have Prep Items to Make Thanksgiving Dinner Recipes

These prep items are perfect for making Thanksgiving dinner recipes.  They’re guaranteed to make prepping, preparing, and cleaning simple.

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Collection of thanksgiving cooking tools

Roasting Pan with Nonstick Rack: This nonstick roasting pan is perfect for the turkey on Thanksgiving day.

Turkey Baster with Injector: A convenient turkey baster with an injector is the key to a juicy turkey.

Natural Cooking Twine:  This natural cooking twine should be used for trussing the turkey, and it is perfect for other meats.

Turkey Lifter: This turkey lifter provides stability and makes it easier to transport the turkey.

Fat Separator Measuring Cup: I’ve tried them all and this is my FAVORITE!  So easy to use and clean.

Potato Ricer and Masher: Get smooth mashed potatoes with this potato ricer and masher.

Hand-Powered Food Chopper: Spend less time chopping to prepare dinner and let this device do it for you!

Bamboo Cutting Board with Juice Groove: This bamboo cutting board is toxin-free and has natural anti-bacterial properties.

Electric Knife: Electric Knives are a must for cutting the turkey.

Chef’s Knife: Everyone needs a chef’s knife to make their food prepping easier!

Glass Pie Plate: Do not forget the delicious pumpkin pie for dessert in this glass pie plate!

Hand Blender: Hand blenders are a must-have during Thanksgiving cooking.

Freshware Vegetable Chopper: Chop vegetable with half the effort using a Freshware vegetable chopper.

Thanksgiving Meal Cookie Cutter Set: Thanksgiving theme cookies are the perfect dessert that the family will love!

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Must Have Items for Serving and Storing Your Thanksgiving Meal

It is essential to have the right utensils and containers for your Thanksgiving meal clean-up. Try these convenient items that you need to be organized and prepared!

Collection of thanksgiving cooking tools

Oven Safe Container Set: If you do not have a set, you need one!

Plastic Storage Container Set: Stay organized with these plastic storage containers.

8 Piece Mixing Bowl Set: This bowl set is helpful for cooking and perfect for serving!

Kitchen Tongs: Tongs are an essential item to have in the kitchen.

5-Piece Flatware Serving Set: This serving set is elegant and perfect for holidays!

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